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Dear, TheScrawlHive

I was wondering if you would be open to a interview. I am doing an project currently about game texture developers/artists. I’ve played some of your games and have become very interested in you work. You may remember me from Dino Town… Anyway, I would like to ask you some questions about the art you do in your games, how you do it, what you use, and how hard is it. I myself am interested in pixel art as well. If you’re interested please message me back.


Hello im so sorry i did not see this and yes i would love to talk

and yes i think we can make some sort of interview what were  you thinking?

sorry if that was abrupt just ignore those last messages.

yes i do remember you and i thank you for taking intrest in my work. i think it would be nice to talk and answer some of your questions how were you thinking of doing this?

I was thinking we could do audio over skype, or just interview over some messaging program. I should be open every thursday, sometimes more, so I might not be able to respond to all you're messages fast. And Thanks :) I have been working on an idea for a game that you might think is cool... I also might have some textures.

yes skype will work i can do a thursday but i need to know what is your time zone so we can plan correctly?

Eastern/Utc - 5:00 (Us and Canada) I'll tell you my skype account once I make one. :P

Would we do audio or chat?

Great thanks and yes we could do a audio or face chat whatever fixes your fancy. and time, i think your 3 hours ahead of me, so lets say we could meet on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at say 2:00 pm that will be around 5;00 for you??  if not just keep skype open for that day XD ill get on at my time and skype you then sound good?