Arrow keys to move

Hold down arrow to hold your breath.

Tipping over cans and jumping makes sound DON'T BE LOUD!!


* Added better Sound

* Added Music

* New Monster

* Better AI

* Added Jumpscears

* More story


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Nice atmosphere, but in the begin you need to add a wall or something in the left to prevent the player from falling off the map, but overall nice game.


hahahah well i totally missed that im so sorry XD thank you for the play through. im working on a  new The Damp game but i kind of burnt myself out on it but i hope to work on it soon. thank you and have a great day!

Pretty neat, nice visuals.


thank you :)


thank you very much :D

Hey hunter its Gavin nice job this game is awesome:)

HEY i didint no you new about this